Today's Daily Devotional for Women - You are the work of God’s hand.

Today's Daily Devotional for Women - You are the work of God’s hand.

Bible Verse of the Day

Isaiah 64:8 Yet you, LORD, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.


When we step into the road not taken, it’s human nature to have nagging doubts whispering into our mind that we don’t have what it takes. That we’re not good enough or talented enough or smart enough to navigate that unknown road to right destination.

Everyone gets those doubts. But what separates the doers from the seekers is that those who “do” understand one thing – We are the clay, shaped by our heavenly Father into a beautiful masterpiece perfectly equipped to fulfill our legend in Christ.

You are the work of God’s hand, magnificently sculpted to be everything God created you to be. So what if you don’t have the education or the experience or the skill set you think is necessary to achieve your dreams?

Trust that Our Heavenly Father, the potter who shaped you into existence, knows EXACTLY what He’s doing and will provide you with everything you need to take the next step.


Dear Jesus,

Thank You for shaping me into the sculpture You created me to be. I have faith that You’ve equipped me with everything I need to get on my journey to success.

In Jesus’ Name I pray,


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